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Spring/Summer 2019

This Spring/Summer Collection is inspired by the grandfather of the designer and the pirate stories he used to tell her when she was just a little girl. The entire concept comes to life from her very first memories and experiences; she tried to meticulously remember his closet, the shapes, the fabrics, the colors and even the smell of his clothes. She would never forget the wool jackets in the middle of August because “…it gets colder in the evening, trust me”, all the stories about his youth as a pirate during the Borbonic Reign in Naples (1734-1806) and how she used to play pirate, taking over the house, wearing his clothes and using the most unusual objects; doilies as fishnets and kitchen wooden spoon as swords, building blockhouses with chairs and blankets, catching treasures fighting side by side in their imaginary world.

SS19 Collection

Carla Dress with Napoli Jacket.

Hand-made crochet long dress with "menswear" wool jacket.

All the pieces are hand knitted

and hand sewed together. 

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